Alexandre Anistratov - Master Bagpipe Maker

PipeslandIn our studio, we make bagpipes and flutes. And we can make for you various bagpipes, including Great Highland, Uilleann, Smallpipe, Spanish Gaita, etc.

Needless to say, every instrument is a unique handicraft with its own distinctive spirit and appearance. Great effort is taken not only to keep historical authenticity, but also to achieve a unique tone of an instrument. A bagpipe made in our workshop is not a souvenir to decorate a wall, but a musical instrument meeting the strictest demands for the sound quality and deserving to be played either in your pipe band or for solo performance.

You can contact the pipe maker using the feedback form. When choosing a bagpipe the first thing to do is to decide upon your musical style and to value your level of performance. The exterior of a bagpipe play a big role, too, and when making an order you can select not only a cover, but also a color and sort of wood, mounts, etc.

Featured bagpipes

Scottish smallpipes Two new Scottish smallpipes, key D and A.
Model “Dreoilin” developed by Alexandre Anistratov and based on Scottish smallpipes design of XIX - XX c.
Materials: blackwood, boxwood, bronze. Covers of velvet and velveteen.

Watch on YouTube: [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ]

Gaita Thumbal New Gaita Thumbal or Roucadora.
The biggest and lowest by tone of Galician bagpipes.
Key C flat, materials: Boxwood, stainless steel.

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