Alexandre Anistratov - bagpipe makerAlexander Anistratov is known not only in Moscow, but also in many other cities of Russia as a musician playing a variety of “celtic” instruments of modern and ancient music. His gigs meet the growing interest of Russian audience to Scottish, Irish, Breton, and traditional Spanish music of authentic performance. He is a member of several musical projects, which include: Celtologia, Private Radio, Na Caora Aitil, Mervent, Tintal, Los Templos. Now he is engaged in a new project – Abandoned House.

Since 2005, he has been a professional maker of bagpipes and other wind instruments traditionally related to them (both reed and embouchure). Instruments made in the workshop of Alexander Anistratov are played by professional musicians of Russia, UK, and Australia.

He was six when he first took a recorder in his hands, and since than he had mastered such instruments like Uilleann pipes, Borderpipes, Galician gaita, Smallpipes, Higland pipes, Low whistle, Irish flute, and Tin whistle.